Friday, June 6, 2008

Knowledge Is Power

This week has been crazy busy. I actually had plenty more to say than my silence on this blog would lead you to believe. Anyway, I took this morning off (lovely), and am now sitting on my patio enjoying an olive and feta salad with flatbread for lunch.

This afternoon I'll be working on my first-ever print pub queries. Ever since I began freelance writing, I've only worked on web content. I'm curious about the print world, so I'm going to dive in. (Just to let you know, it's taken me two years of freelance writing to just "dive in.")

I promise not all of my Friday trivia bits will revolve around word definitions, but I love discovering new words that have to do with writing or editorial work. It tickles my funny bone.


Main Entry:
Medieval Latin, from Greek anastrophē, literally, turning back, from anastrephein to turn back, from ana- + strephein to turn
circa 1550

: inversion of the usual syntactical order of words for rhetorical effect — compare hysteron proteron

It's interesting because I never knew there was a word for messed up syntax, and now I do!

Next time I'm reviewing a manuscript I can query the author on his or her anastrophe. Hee.

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